Yakub Memon.. Media Hero or Terrorist?

Yakub Memon.. Media Hero or Terrorist?

Yesterday, I was hearing, reading and watching Yakub Memon’s death and his last journey news. I spent my whole day thinking about why Media is giving so much attention to one terrorist/Killer. Did they (Media) ever try to figure out whether the news or the way they present the news is appropriate or inappropriate for viewer or for the nation. Every time your concentration is on getting more viewers and higher TRP. I am not sure what is wrong with today’s media channels and but Day by day you are losing your sense of responsibility.

You tried to make him Hero by showing what is His last wish, His favorite breakfast, New clothes etc. We don’t want to read about likes and dislikes of one terrorist.

Headings of today’s newspapers – “IF YAKUB NEVER CAME BACK FROM PAKISTAN”, “OUTRAGE, TEARS, SORROW”, “Yakub Memon’s last call to his daughter”

Why are you publishing the news in such a way that they are sympathetic to Yakub only? Being media, you become a very powerful weapon and a way to express the opinion… a sensible and neutral opinion about the incidents.

Even few celebrities opposed Yakub Memon’s death sentence. Why dint you asked them what was the reason for their support to one terrorist? Did you get money for everything or you don’t have brain to express logical views?

Those people, who supported Memon, don’t have any right to raise a voice against government and our constitution. If you can’t respect your law, then you don’t have any right to complain.

He was a terrorist… Only terrorist… No Hindu… No Muslim…  A person who is responsible for any terrorism activity doesn’t have any religion.

I am not against any religion but yes I don’t like to read and watch such foolish news. On the same day one real hero was laid to rest in Rameswaram. Kalam Sir deserves much more attention than a terrorist/killer. He did enough work on which you can concentrate. There are so many stories he left behind which you can share and inspire the youth to his dream goal of India 2020.

Getting the attention and TRP ratings in an improper way is not media is for. Media is there to show the right things in a right manner to build a view… to build a nation…



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