Every Cab Driver is not Rapist… An Experience with UBER CAB

Every Cab Driver is not Rapist… Experience with UBER CAB…

Today I want to share my experience with you. It’s not only an experience but a lesson of lifetime.

Recently when I shared my Uber coupon code on few of my Whatsapp group, many friends replied me not to use Uber or Females shouldn’t use Uber, just because of Delhi Rape Case. But my question is will stop using cabs or Bus or Trains will increase the women safety? or avoid any such attempt?. It’s the Mentality of Human due to which such incidents happen and not because of any religion, community or any company. I am not taking anybody’s side, but yes… This is the truth and we have to accept it.

Couple of Week ago a Twitter user asked Ola cab to give a chance to select a driver, being a Hindu; he wanted to hire a driver with Hindu faith only. Today I am writing this post (my first blog post) just to share my experience to everyone including my friends who suggested me not to use Uber and for those directly relate any incidents with religion, so that they could understand that any company or religion is not bad but our thinking is.

That was 7th May, we all friends attended a Colleague’s Anniversary party and  while returning I booked UBER cab. I and my 3 friends were going to travel by Uber from Paikpara to New Town. According to our plan I was going to drop my 3 friends to their respective locations and then I was supposed to get down to my location (New Town, Kolkata).

It was 9:15 pm; we booked UBER cab, just because of traffic it took a bit long to driver to reach our location. He came after 30 minutes, a face with full of marks, may be the marks of chickenpox or like that. His name was “MR. SULTAN”. We asked to stop the cab at Salt lake to drop my friends and then continue the tour to my location which the last stoppage, which he agreed. On the way, we had good discussion with Mr. Sultan regarding uber operations and he explained & answered all the questions properly and explain why he loves working with Uber as compared to his previous job.

Experience with UBER CAB

After 20 minutes we dropped my 2 friends at Salt lake and as decided earlier we will have to continue my journey with my friend to new town. But due to some  miscommunication between my friend and him, he marked the journey completed from his end. He thought we all are going to get down at the same place. So he closed the app. I was so angry and I gave him only 2 stars as his performance.

He guided me to book the cab again, but I was unable to open the app as there was some network issue. I asked the driver to continue the journey as there was no network to my phone. I thought I can book the same cab, as I was sitting in the same cab and his I-phone was near to my phone, so it get connected to his phone only. As per my knowledge, you can book the cab which is near to you. I was trying to search his cab but thanks to technology it was not detected. It was a really frustrating that you are extremely near to one cab and UBER app was not able to detect that cab. Meanwhile Mr. Sultan got a call from another customer who booked his cab. Mr. Sultan cancelled that client very politely.

He asked me to try again and book whichever cab is nearer to that place. I booked one cab but that was 20 minutes away from my place. I informed to Mr. Sultan, that we got another cab and he can go. He refused to go as we both were lonely on the roads. He said, “Madam, Its 10:20 PM, I will wait here with you for another cab; it’s not safe for ladies to wait alone.” He asked us to sit in his cab until and unless another cab is coming. He waited outside. He waited with us for 20-25 minutes and cancelled his clients, cancelled his profits which he was going to get.

Experience with UBER CAB

After 20 minutes another cab came and we thanked Mr. Sultan for waiting with us and we left. Those 20 minutes taught me lots of things.

I guess he was Muslim as his name was Sultan. Being a Muslim, he served us without any discrimination. I really want to thank to Mr. Sultan for showing his concerns towards our safety.

After all each and every point of time we don’t behave as a Hindu or Muslims or Christians, we behave as a human. Good human with the best thinking abilities don’t have any religion. Being and behaving like a “Human” is a true religion.



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